My Lovely Crete souvenirs are a labour of love, extensive historical research and hours of wondering around the island’s picturesque towns and breathtaking countryside. They have the scent of the deep blue sea and the hue of the bougainvillea.

They are limited edition designs, sourced from hand picked artists living in Crete and produced locally by Cretans.

You can find them in select stores in Chania, Crete, and elsewhere on the island. You will recognize them at once: they are  colorful and unique, made with lots of imagination and, of course, lots of Cretan sun!

Since it is high summer, we are out gathering this precious ingredient, to create even more amazing cretan souvenirs for you to cherish along with your memories from your time here, so stay tuned for more My Lovely Crete products – or drop us a line to notify you the minute they are available to ship or purchase!